Ubuntu 19.10 with Kernel 5.3.0-18 on Jetson Nano

Hi Guys,

do you might know if it’s possible to get a newer Ubuntu Version and Kernel up and running with the Jestson Nano?
Best would be get to 19.10/5.3.0-18.
What is needed to do for it?
Is another official update planned to get to a newer Kernel?
Thank you for your help.


Hi JetsonStarter,

Customer can try to do that by their own, but that’s not suggested due to no tested by our QA validation process for SW stability/reliability. May I know why do you need to upgrade to newer version? Any feature you wanted?

I’m not the author of the question but I would like to get official Intel AX200 driver support that is available only on kernel 5.1+
Backport of this driver breaks all realtek drivers in this case.

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Hi kayCCC,

the main reason I want to update is the full support for the official intel ax200ngw card without breaking up all other drivers like Realtek and Edimax. I want to use one wireless usb interface and the intel ax200ngw card.
Are there any usefull guides to do that on my own?
Thanks again.

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@Kayccc: Will there be an update to the next 20.04 LTS release, when it will be released?

Most important question is will there be continuously support of kernel updates and how long.
If Nvidia’s plan for the Jetson Nano is to stay on the kernel 4.9 forever, it is endgame for this product for me.
So it is good to know this beforehand without waiting half year for nothing.

Hi JetsonStarter and julyighor,

The next release for Ubuntu or new kernel is still under planning, there is no much thing I can share at this moment.

I would like to install Blender 2.8, which is available on Ubuntu19.10 (http://ports.ubuntu.com/ubuntu-ports eoan/universe)


Since kernel 5.1 it looks like Jetson Nano is officially supported by kernel.org https://patchwork.kernel.org/patch/10907525/

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Linux-next does have support for the nano however memory scaling has not been implemented so performance is not great.

Also support for the nano’s gpu is in early stages within mesa.

I image it would take quite a lot of work to port nvidia’s kernel/userspace drivers to linux-next

Although it should be possible to use wayland with decent results were still left with the memory scaling issue.

I’m currently writing this post on my nano running lubuntu 19.10 however i’m using kernel 4.9.140 with the latest BSP 32.2.3

3 months later, no changes?

At this time I upgrade Ubuntu by do-release-upgrade -d to 20.04LTS, so after upgrade I write how Jetson Nano work with 20.04LTS


I’m really curious also! Especially with the new features such as integrated WireGuard (imho a must futurewise), Intel AX200/AX201 support.

After upgrade I lose video driver. And don’t work xorg. kernel dont update, so its 4.9 kernel

The jetson nano does not support the upstream Linux kernel. The only official kernel supported is 4.9.140.

You can use the upstream Linux kernel but you will most likely need to build ubuntu from scratch and omit the jetson nano bsp. However you will lose a lot of performance.

If after doing the do-release-upgrade did you try to install the nvidia packages once again ? That should reinstall the kernel and theoretically should work.

is TX2 supported ? would it work on Jetson board TX2

I don’t know. I sold that device and not going to buy any Jetson until I see regular official kernel updates.