Ubuntu 20.04 on Jetson

Hello, Please, is it possible now to use ubuntu 20 or 22 on Jetson Xavier AGX? what about ROS2 also?

Xavier and Orin can install Ubuntu 20.04, although it would be referred to as L4T R35.1. Note this list of L4T releases:

And this list of JetPack/SDK Manager releases:

A given L4T release is tied to a given JetPack. The most recent of either will lead you to Ubuntu 20.04 at this time. Note that technically R34.1 would work as well, but this was a developer preview, whereas R35.1 is a full release. A given JetPack/SDK Manager can be told to use an older release though in most cases.

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Thank you! for this detailed and fast reply.

Also you can get pre-built containers for ROS/ROS2 from https://github.com/dusty-nv/jetson-containers

Or if you are on JetPack 5.0 / L4T R35.1 with Ubuntu 20.04, I believe you can install ROS2 Foxy or Galactic from the ROS apt repos without needing container (following the normal install directions from ROS.org)

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