Unable to access certificate for "Deploying a Model for Inference at Production Scale"

Hi team, I have registered for " Deploying a Model for Inference at Production Scale" course and completed the course last month but I can not access the certificate yet.
On dashboard, It shows
My course Activity: Completed 2 course, I can see one certificate but no certificate for above mentioned course.

Hi @kunal.parihar, This will require someone from the DLI to resolve. I have forwarded this for investigation.


Hi @kunal.parihar,

Unfortunately, this course does not offer a certificate. We’re aware of an ongoing issue with the LMS that displays a “certificate” icon for all courses, even ones that do not offer certificates, once they have been moved to the completed section of the course dashboard, and are working on a fix for this.

My apologies for the confusion.

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@tdahlin @TomNVIDIA Thank you for the quick response. I request you to remove certificate icon soon.

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