Unable to load profiler with nsight compute

I am trying to load the profiler and keep getting this error when I try to specify a output file:

“Failed to load report: {path to file}/somefile.txt.nsight-cuprof-report
Reason: CouldNotOpenFile”

I am using a older version of Nsight Compute, 2019.4 as I have a GTX 10 Series Card and tested it but doesn’t seem to work with the latest version of NSight Compute, I did not have this specific problem with the latest version of NSight Compute.

I am on Windows 10. Using a GTX 1080.

e: I went further back to Compute version 1.0, the earliest version I could find and download from ~2018 and I get a similar but different error, this time FailedReadingMagicNumber.

Can’t help you with your specific error, but just wanted to say that 2019.5(Linux), 2019.5.1(Win) are the last versions to support Pascal(10XX).

Yeah I had started with 2019.5.1 (Win) but then I got this error so I kept trying older versions.