Unable to load the nvidia-drm kernel module (Debian 11, 5.18.0, 515.57 driver)

nvidia-bug-report.log.gz (90.3 KB)

On a Thinkpad running debian 11 with the 5.18 kernel from bullseye-backports I’m unable to install the nvidia drivers for the RTX A2000.

The logs above where obtained after having removed all debian-packaged nvidia drivers with

sudo apt purge $(dpkg -l | awk ‘$2~/nvidia/ {print $2}’)

rebooted, and run the installer of the proprietary drivers. In case it is useful, even with the debian packages installed I was getting errors at startup, e.g. modprobe: ERROR: could not insert 'nvidia-drm': Operation not permitted.

Please disable secure boot in bios.

Thanks, that was it. More info in this link which somehow my google fu had failed to find: NvidiaGraphicsDrivers/Troubleshooting - Debian Wiki

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