Unable to locate package nvidia-jetson-services


I just flashed my AGX Orin with jetpack 6.0. I wanted to run metropolis microservices. According to this official documents, First I will have to install nvidia-jetson-services but when I run sudo apt install nvidia-jetson-services, it shows ‘Unable to locate’.

I checked the ‘/etc/apt/sources.list.d/’ and there are these two lists there. ‘docker.list’ and ‘nvidia-l4t-apt-source.list’.

This package is not yet ready:

JetPack 6 now includes Jetson Platform Services: A collection of ready to use services to accelerate AI application development on Jetson. Read more about it in the JetPack product page. These services will be made available on Jetpack 6 soon (May end). These services can be easily installed via debian package or via SDK Manager when available.

I was able to run it last week. Actually, I was already working on this and I had some issue with SD card and had to reflash it.

Did something change last week? One thing I noticed is that the deepstream version has been changed. It was 6.4 and now in SDK it shows 7.0. But I don’t think that is affecting this installation.

Please wait for our announcement once it’s ready.

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