Unable to sign binary files using flash.sh script


I am trying to update u-boot binary on Jetson NANO flashed with JetPack 4.3. I followed the steps on NVIDIA’s documentation in order to customize U-Boot. Copied the u-boot.bin to host system under {LINUX_FOR_TEGRA}/bootloader/t210ref/p3450-porg/ dir.

However, when I tried to create signed/encrypted boot.img.encrypt file for partition “LNX” in order to “dd” it on the target NANO, I got below error message:

*** Signing boot.img ***
./tegraflash.py --chip 0x21 --cmd "sign ./signed/boot.img.encrypt"  
Welcome to Tegra Flash
version 1.0.0
Type ? or help for help and q or quit to exit
Use ! to execute system commands
[   0.0031 ] Generating signature
Error: Not supported
Failed to flash/read t210ref.

Full log has been attached.

Also, it’s just not about u-boot partition flashing, this error occurs while trying to create encrypted binaries for other partitions. This issue is only for Jetson NANO, other Jetson products work as expected.

I can’t directly connect the target hardware to the host system, hence need to “dd” the encrypted binary. May I know what I could be doing wrong here?

Looks like with new developer forum, I can no longer upload a .txt or .log file. Dunno how to create a .loggz file.

Hi AnishAney,

You can find the upload button at the top of editor screen to upload a .txt or .log file, or zip them to upload should be OK.

t210 chip seems no need to sign the binary if you are not using secure boot.

Hello kaycc,

It looks like it doesn’t allow anything other than a particular set of extensions. Please find attached screenshot.

So, my logs with .txt or .log are discarded with an error

Thank you, WayneWWW for the response.

Let me try to directly “dd” the new u-boot.bin to the “LNX” partition.