Upgrade to Ubuntu 22.02

I have a Roboworks plus robot that came originally with ubuntu 18.0 and ROS1. I want to upgrade to an ubuntu Ubuntu 20.04. I have downloaded the disk image from their website but they have no instruction on how to proceed with the flash/upgrade. Disk Images | Roboworks

I have doubts that a 20.04 image will work on an older Nano (it would certainly work on Xavier or Orin), but what is the name of the file? I see what I think is a .gz extension. This looks like it was made for the SD card Nano, and not an eMMC model (be careful to get the older Nano software, and not Xavier Nano nor Orin Nano nor TX2 Nano).

its a .gz and when expanded has an iso file. I’ve a snapshot of current system if I need to revert, I would want to try first and exist my luck

What is the exact byte size of that image after it has been uncompressed with gunzip?
ls -l whateverThatFileNameIs.iso

What media are you going to load this onto? Do you have an SD card for this that you can place it on from a host PC whereby the SD card is large enough? If so, then find out which device name it uses on the host PC (be careful, you could destroy one of your other drives if you get that wrong). For example, monitor “dmesg --follow” and then plug in the SD to the host PC and see what device shows up. Also run “lsblk -f” with the SD card plugged in and look for the entry that is that card and post it here. The command for adding the ISO to the external media can be given if I know what the names are and that the sizes will work.

Also, with your current SD card that runs in the Jetson, if you plug it into the host PC, can you post the output of “lsblk -f” for that as well? We don’t care about the device name in that case, I just want to see the partition layout.

Disk Image - 62.87 GB, was going to place it in a 123GB USB, the tx board I’ve has a custom heat sink taking the spot of the microsd card slot. meaning I can only flash the ssd soldered on the motherboard. followed the jetsonworks video on how to make a copy of my current setup and run from usb but had no luck so far

Those are only approximate sizes, so I can’t say if it is valid. On the other hand, I was assuming your disk could be cloned from the image on the host PC. If it is soldered in, then probably the only possibility is with an initrd flash. I still have a lot of doubt that anything newer than 18.04 will work on a TX1 Nano. Even if you manage to get a newer release installed, chances are that you cannot use the GPU after that unless you’ve held back the release version to something incompatible on newer than 18.04.

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