Use CloudXR client within another Unity3D based app


I’m trying to integrate the CloudXR client in a Unity3D based application (that will be deployed on Quest2)
The goal is to use the app to configure the CloudXR Client before starting it.
As there is no CloudXR sdk for Unity3D, What would be the good thing to do ?


We did this by having a Unity app with config options in that then just writes the text file and launches the CloudXR app

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I think a CloudXR Unity client sample would be very useful for all of us trying to integrate CloudXR in a Unity application.

I’d be very interested to know if anybody got it working. I already ported a big part of the native Quest sample to Unity but still having problem with the final render (some stereo issues I’m still trying to solve).

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Since the CloudXR app/sdk supports traditional process “args”, I just pass “command-line configuration” args to the CloudXR app/sdk upon its startup. No extra text-file required.


If you don’t mind, could you post the way you launch the application from another Unity application? I have tried a couple of ways but the app doesn’t launch.

Thank you!

Hello @jramos1

you can try this :

It worked for me


I tried to use this but the app doesn’t launch, it does find it though and tries to launch it. I am using the same code as is written there.

Is there any news on this ? We’re also trying to integrate CloudXR into a Unity app and are having trouble with it.