using Linux-based GeForce/CUDA for video processing and display/recording via HDMI out

Hi all,

I was hoping to get some opinions on the feasibility of our project. We’d like to develop a Linux-based GeForce system that takes a camera feed and puts it through a low-latency CUDA-based image processing pipeline. Once through the pipeline, we’d like to output a clean, processed, camera feed to the GeForce’s HDMI port, which could then be used for display and recording.

Because we may be handling multiple camera feeds, it’s likely we may also make use of the cards DisplayPorts, and then use DP->HDMI converters. My question is, is there anything strange about the HDMI and/or DisplayPort signals coming out of GeForce cards, that might hinder it being connected to HDMI recorders? I assume they use standard formats, so they can support any HDMI or DP display – however, I’m not familiar enough with HDMI nor DP standards to know for sure with regards to recording.

Any insight would be appreciated!