Using servos, stepper motors in jetson-inference

I am trying to create a robot that physically interacts with a custom object detection model.

Using jetson-inference I have created a working custom object detection model and am able to access the xy coordinates for the location of objects detected in the camera, whilst in the container.

My problem concerns controlling servos and stepper motors. I am able to utilise python servo motor control libraries outside of the container, but when I try doing this inside the container, it comes back with:
ModuleNotFoundError: No module named ‘Jetson.GPIO’

How can I make it so that Jetson.GPIO and other libraries are included in the container? Or is it easier to try running object detection outside the container now that I have the model I want?


Due to some access limitations in docker, you will need to hardcode the device-tree for Nano.
Please check following comment for the detailed workaround:


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Thank you.

Is there a way to do this for Adafruit’s CircuitPython libraries as well?


Could you try if the library works on Jetson (outside of the container) first?
If yes, it should also work within docker but may need some modification.


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Dont worry I figured that I can just do everything outside of the container by building from source.

Thank you

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