VDA 7.11 & 7.12 Logon issues - Grid K2

Hi all,
I’m currently having different issues with XenDesktop setups on 7.11 & 7.12 that have Grid K2 (any profile) attached.
All the setups are on up-to-date hypervisors (XenServer 7 / vSphere 6) that are fully patched.
Nvidia GRID is also on the most recent version (release November 2016)

On Windows 7 the issues are that the sessions most of the times freeze during Windows Logon (the circle just stops spinning) when the user starts directly in a Dual Monitor Full screen mode.
Connecting in a Window or Single Full screen mode seems to be more stable (so I’ve created a reg key that deletes the registry keys where the last known connection mode is saved so sessions always start in a Window Mode).

On Windows 10 (fully patched, anniversary update included) the screen just stays black. Switching between Full or Window mode sometimes fixes the problem.
The Windows 10 VDI’s are only deployed with K240Q (or higher) profiles because of the known issues with profiles that have 512Mb or less memory.

I’ve tested the above issues with different policy settings: H264/ThinWire Plus - Visual quality - Disable NVENC (on the K240Q profiles) … but none of them make it more stable.
Also made sure the Windows Power Settings are set to Max. Performance (as noted in the Release notes a Black screen issue may appear) and applied the fixes mentioned by Citrix https://support.citrix.com/article/CTX135782 .

When the session does start performance and stability seams to be ok.

When the vGPU is removed all problems are fixed.

Downgrading to XD 7.9 seems to fix it for Windows 7 VDI’s (need to test it on Windows 10)

To be sure XenDesktop 7.11/7.12 works on Windows 10 I’ve tested it with an Intel GVT-g vGPU and not having issues there.
On XenApp 7.11/7.12 with a vGPU attached (and changed to necessary registry settings to allow Graphical performance on Windows Server) all seems to be ok.

Already created 2 cases with Citrix but both without any luck of figuring this out (after creating a ton of CDF/Memory Dumps/Network traces).

So I’m wondering if anyone else has similar issues with XD 7.11/7.12 and Grid K2 cards


from what I know there have been other customers reporting the same issues (also starting with VDA7.11). Our analysis pointed the issue is Citrix related. Please escalate with Citrix to show that this is a hot issue.
Send me a PM if you need more details.



Thanks Simon for your feedback!
Will create a new Citrix support ticket and send you a PM.


Hi Carl, Hi Simon :)

I can confirm this issues with VDA7.12, Grid K2, Windows 7 and Linux Endpoints running Receiver 13.3, DualScreen.
I´m not able to trace this atm because its running at customers site - but my last action was to delte HKLM\Software\Citrix\Graphics (be sure to set graphic mode correctly via Citrix Policy) - seems to run much better now.


Hi Marco,

Thanks for this input!
It seems to solve my problem too (on Windows 7 and Windows 10 Machines).
I’ll pass this information to the Citrix Support engineer who is working on my case.



I did some further testing, and as it seems to have helped it actually disabled the Nvidia card which explains why it worked…


We have been working with citrix for the past few months on this with no improvement. Our issue is a mouse delay when using 2 monitors with xendesktop7.11+ on win7 machines with K1 and K2 cards. We had to do a roll back to 7.9 where the issue doesn’t happen. We noticed that this also only happens when using hdx 3d pro. Using legacy graphics, it doesn’t happen.


Jup have that issue too but only when the session starts in Full Screen mode spread over two or more screens.
If that happens and I do a resize to Window mode and then back to Full Screen (over the multiple screens) the performance is a lot better.


I was also experiencing this issue with the 7.11 and 7.12 VDA when using dual-monitors with GRID M6 profiles. I have not experienced the issue during initial testing with the 7.13 VDA. I’m assuming Citrix included a fix in this release, although I can’t find any documentation to substantiate this.


On the first tests with XD 7.13 in combination with Windows 7 the issues seems to be solved (with XenServer 7 as hypervisor).
But on Windows 10 with XD 7.13 (on XenServer) I still experience a black screen during logon and when manually switching between Full-screen/Window-mode seems to mostly solve it (I then receive my Welcome screen).
I’ve created new CDF-traces and asked if it’s the same root cause as they saw with XD 7.12 but uploaded them Friday and still haven’t received any response from Citrix Support…

The issues I experienced with ESXi as hypervisor seem to be solved too (sometimes didn’t receive any screen updates when a Nvidia card was attached) but now I have the Logoff issue that got introduced with 7.12.
So sadly one thing gets fixed and another thing gets broken…


Hi guys,

I can confirm that Citrix added a fix for the issue in the VDA 7.13 release and they recommended to update to 7.13 to see if the issue is fixed.




Yes, Upgrading to 7.13 has res loved the issue for us as well.

Found the cause for the black screen during logon to Windows 10 that was caused since XD 7.11 (so version 7.12 and 7.13 have this issue too). A workaround was to switching between the Window sizes.
Customer was using an Interactive Logon message (Legal Notice) and by removing this the Windows 10 could start without problems.

Provided this feedback to Citrix and hopefully gets fixed in the next version.