Version 6.1 and Glibc 2.6

I just attempted to install version 6.1 of Workstation pgf77 for Linux on a Fedora Core 7 system. I got the following error during installation

ERROR: unknown glibc version (2.6).

I can execute pgf77 but many flags are not recognized (such as -v, -V, etc.). I assume that is because of the glibc problem.

Is there any way around the problem short of upgrading pgf77 or downgrading my host OS?


Hi Tom,

There are two scripts called ‘makelocalrc’ found in the 32-bit and 64-bit bin directories that check which glibc is install. This check is necessary to ensure the correct header files and PGI C libraries are installed on your system. Since glibc 2.6 was released after PGI 6.1, this script does not contain an entry for 2.6. If you manually add a case to both files, using the same values as 2.3, and then rerun the ‘install’ script, the compilers should install.

While we have not heard of any issues with users installing 6.1 on Fedora 7, it is not officially supported. For a list supported OS please see:

  • Mat

Thanks, Mat, I’ll try that.

I did as Mat suggested and now all the flags work and I anticipate no more problems.

Thank you Mat!