Very disappointed about test drive performance

today i did a test drive, i am very disappointed, everything is very choppy.
my current xenapp 6.5 environment without gpu is performing better.
i think something is wrong, this is not what nvidia wants to show me.
for example new dawn is very choppy, 3d models do perform better but video even on YouTube is very bad.
the PowerPoint transitions are real bad, choppy.
even the katy Perry video is far from running smooth.

i do not want to serve my users with this performance.

maybe someone from nvidia can contact me (by mail please), to figure this out.

Hi Johnny,

Where are you located? The Test Drive is currently running in a number of datacenters geographically. The UK team recently used it to run demos live at a conference on a 10MB link and the experience was really good.

If you want to reach out to me I can hook you up with the right person depending on where you are based. You can reach me at


I agree. I am in Australia and used the Singapore servers. Things were choppy, latency was high, it didn’t perform nearly as well as Citrix Xenapp 6.5 on my hyper-v 2008r2 cluster with no GPU acceleration.
I frequently use Citrix to connect to work using my phone 3g tether on a laptop or iPad - that performance is better than this on supposedly new gear.