Video Encoder

I am trying to use CUDA h264 encoding API. I have GeForce 8400M GS video card. It is in list of video cards for which GPU Computing is presented. I am calling NvGetHWEncodeCaps to check if the GPU supports the NVIDIA CUDA Video encoder and it returns E_FAIL that means that it does not. My card should support Video Encoder, or I am wrong? Where can I get list of video cards that support Video Encoder?

Most likely the 8400GS has too few SMs, so it would be slower than doing the work on the CPU

I think the API expects you to do a cuInit()… Not sure. Vague memory. Check out.

Thank you all for replies. I tried cuInit with no luck. I am trying to build software which uses GPU API. Later it would be used on system with more SMs.


I am presently working on Cuda Encoder Example. I have raw RGB data, I have to convert RGB to YUV data.YUV to RGB convesion is given in Cuda Decoder Example
But plz help me in RGB to YUV conversion.

Try to use ffmpeg or mencoder for that, or CUDA decoder. Depends on input.