Visual Profiler fortran error when Cuda is enabled


I was profiling my .exe for comparing improvements with the usage of the acc directives with my f90 project. At some Point I had to start using the device Attribute for some Arrays and variables, so I had to Enable Cuda Fortran.
I’m working with PGI Visual Fortran 16.3 with the MS VS 2015 Shell, MS Windows 7 Enterprise.
My Project is running fine, and I want to Profile my executable to see how much the data movement improved with the device Attribute, but when I try to do this, the profiler gives me the following error:
“Unable to Profile the application. The application being profiled returned a non-Zero return code.”
I am a beginner with Cuda Fortran (and I’m not a programmer, just a mathematician), so any help/guidance will be very appreciated.