vMaterials 1.6 released

vMaterials 1.6 released

We are happy to announce that vMaterials version 1.6 have been released.

Download from

More than 100 new materials/presets have been added and as usual we took great care to make them look great. With the new materials texture resolution has been increased and many of the new materials can be worn out and aged like the “brushed antique copper” material. Also we have new subsurface scattering plastics and plastics with simulated metallic particles in our collection now.

New materials

  • Aging Copper
  • Woven metal meshes
  • Plastic with simulated procedural flakes
  • Translucent plastics
  • Selection of common European Roof tiles
  • Jelly
  • Gun metal effect paint
  • Tweed
  • Felt

I was told to ask in the forums my question. If this is the wrong place please move it tia.

Concerning the usage of these .mdl files, in the program Daz Studio one uses them as “bricks” - a combination of bricks then being saved out as program specific Shaders.
i.e. base brick + one or more additional bricks + the last brick [in the program].

So as I work my way through converting some of these .mdl files into D/S Shaders, may I redistribute of them for free [in the Daz3D forums]?

Thank you.

The MDL catalog is provided free of charge and derived work may be re-distributed for free if it follows the license.
I need to take a closer look how the material system in DAZ Studio works, I haven’t used it yet. I was expecting, that you could also load MDL materials directly.

Great, thank you for clarifying :-)

About loading the .mdl files, not directly can they be used as in for texturing anything. We have to make a Shader with them. To make the Shader requires another 2 or more bricks {the .mdl counts as a brick}. There’s quite a learning curve to making Shaders which I certainly have not yet mastered … so my starters for these .mdl files are VERY basic.

Hi petuniapetals and all,
I´m very interested in learning more on how to use the .mdl vmaterials in DazStudio.
If you proceed and get some more information please share with us.

Oh yes I have proceeded, part way through putting them into ‘containers’ for use in Daz Studio. As each folder is done I have been releasing them over in the Daz3D.com Freebies forum under my user name there: Catherine3678ab.

The most recent release is here: https://www.daz3d.com/forums/discussion/377836/masonry-101-released-256-shader-presets-to-enjoy. In the first post are the links to the rest that have been released, including instructions for pointing the mdl directory manager to the MDL folder of the main download from this website.

All software has its own ‘quirks’ as does W10. The very first thing one does [always I work with copies of files] is to uncheck the ‘read only’ box [W10 feature]. In order for any brick to be usable in the Shader Mixer in D/S, the title MUST have NO spaces [D/S feature]. With the Shader Mixer panel open AND the folder containing the .mdl bricks open, one can click on the .mdl file and DRAG it over to the Shader Mixer Panel. In there one also requires a Parameters brick and one for the final output. One also requires additional bricks for enabling the tiling and scaling. Now for those elements to work one needs to NOT have them set to full value, then when making the Shader Preset they can then be adjusted to full value. First one saves the new Shader, then the Shader Preset.

For additional options I also added bricks for image cut out functions. [so one can make window or door holes for example]

In order for the Shader Presets to work, one must needs keep the edited .mdl files AND the original .mdl files in exactly the same folder orders. The originals were edited to make available all the internal options. Usually this editing is very basic but now and then some thinking is required.


I am using V-Ray Bridge Cinema4D R18 on MacOS.

I downloaded NVIDIA vMaterials (MacOS) materials and installed them.

I placed the files in the CINEMA 4D R18 / plugins / V-RayBridge / mdl folder but I can’t use them through Cinema4D.
The V-Ray MDL Material material does not see these files.

Please tell me what I need to do so that I can use these materials?

Thank you!

I don’t know.
Ideas: put the mdl folder under Documents, however it is done with that program, point the .mdl directory to that path as well. Then whether or not it will read the files or you have to make new Shaders like we’re doing for Daz Studio, I don’t know. I do know that Daz Studio is a free program at the moment ;-)

Hello mkenko,

This is a Vray specific question. I assume you will have to add the folder where you have your mdl content to the search paths. I recommend to check the chaos group forums under the regarding topics. They should be able to help you.

Thanks for the answer. I will try to do so.

Thanks for your reply. I tried to do this, but this method does not work.
But I met the Daz Studio program - it’s cool ;))

Well we tried. At any rate they can be used in Daz Studio after being put into ‘containers’ as I mention in a post further up. I am slowly working my way through that huge collection ;-)
I have by now also released several of the metal shader presets. One thing folk can do is use Daz Studio to render out texture images and those can then be used in other programs for texturing purposes.

I’m receiving an error during install, any help would be appreciated.