VMware Overprovisoning Profiles on NVIDIA Tesla P6 GPU

Hello, pls consider a server with NVIDIA Tesla P6 GPU (16GB) and Using NVIDIA Virtual PC Concurrent User license and VMware Horizon.
I need to create 20 Users/VMs that will work in different time shifts, they will never work all at the same time,
Is it possible to create 20 users, each user with 1GB profile ?
What happens if the 17th concurrent user tries to logon?

Not sure if I fully understand the request. The P6 is only capable to run 16 VMs with a 1GB profile. So how do you want to run 20 VMs on that GPU? Simply not possible.


Hello, I have 20 users but they will NOT work all at the same time. Let me try to explain better: I need to create 20 VMs, each with 1 GB profile, but they will not be powered on all at the same time, since the users work in different time shifts. But all the VMs must be created and ready to use the 1 Gb Profile, just a few will be powerd ON at the same time.
If this is not possible, is there any way (other license?) that allows what I’ve described?

Ok, got it. For sure this is possible. As I said you can only run 16 VMs concurrently and you need 16 vPC licenses. We take only running VMs into consideration

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