Want to send a video in real time from USB camera to a remote location!

Hello everyone! I want to ask that I am running Yolov4 in real time at 4.6 FPS using TensorRT but now what I want is to send the feed of the camera in real time from nano display LCD to a remote location that is 200 meters away. So how can I do it?
Is there any solution or whether I need to change something?
Kindly help as soon as possible because this is a part of my project and I an not able to move forward without the solution!
I am using Logitech C920 Pro USB webcam.

A valid usecase is to run RTSP streaming. You may check DeepStream SDK:

After the installation through SDKManager, you will see Yolo models in


Yolov4 is not inculded. You can try the default models first and then try to insert your model.

For RTSP streaming, you can enable it in sink group( type=4 ):

@dusty_nv. @kayccc. @DaneLLL. Actually I am a beginner in this field so if there is any easy explanation or any tutorial for the issue which I have posted?

I will suggest to get start from https://github.com/dusty-nv/jetson-inference