[Warning] [carb.gym.plugin] useGpuPipeline is set, forcing GPU PhysX


I am trying to use the physx cpu backend to compare performance with the gpu backend:
python3 train.py --task=Ant --headless --physx

But it seems it always forces the gpu backend. I get this warning in the output:
[Warning] [carb.gym.plugin] useGpuPipeline is set, forcing GPU PhysX

Otherwise the simulation runs fine.

Ubuntu 18.04
python 3.6.9
pytorch 1.7.1python3 --version
isaacgym 1.0rc1

Hi @support2rptk,

To force the CPU PhysX back end, use --device=CPU you can also use --ppo_device=CPU if you want to force network inference to also happen on the CPU.

Note that you’re unlikely to see too much of a tangible difference with a problem as simple as ants. The ShadowHand example will show a much more pronounced training performance difference.

Take care,

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