What do I need for object/motion detection with Nano and RTSP cameras?

Ladies and gentlemen,

I have Nano with 4GB RAM version. Also I have 2-3 (only 2 at this moment third will be arriving later) PoE HD cameras with RTSP support.

I want to put all this together to accomplish the following - something like an intelligent NVR:

  • Cameras stream their output to Nano
  • Nano does GPU accelerated motion/object/face detection
  • Upon detection Nano outputs a new stream to a local web site with an object/face/motion as well as records locally
  • Streaming/recording stops once there is no more motion/objects in the field of view

My questions:

  • Can the above be done?
  • If yes, what software do I need, how do I install/configure/operate it?

If there have been the same/similar projects I would be happy to learn/read about them.



Yes, please check our Deepstream SDK below:


Thanks. Deepstream is SDK, meaning that one has to write an app.
My question is - is there any product, open source or otherwise, that can be used to accomplish the above?
Frigate for example, does the above but there is no support for Nano…

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