What does cuLibraryGetUnifiedFunction actually do

Hello, I was reading through the latest driver API documentation, and when looking over the library management section, I noticed there is a new function called “cuLibraryGetUnifiedFunction”. It states in the documentation that the function “Returns in *fptr the function pointer to a unified function denoted by symbol”, however there is nothing in the documentation that describes what a unified function is. Is this a function that has a use right now, or is it something that will be added later?

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I have the same question here. What’s more, I would like to ask how can I know if a certain device has CU_DEVICE_ATTRIBUTE_UNIFIED_FUNCTION_POINTERS on cause I did not see any flag relating to it in the cuDeviceGetAttribute function. And I tried to use this function and the flag, getting not supported. Btw I was using A100 with driver version 12.3.