What is the theoretical throughput with SINGLE PORT 100GbE Mellanox NIC?

I’m using the MCX515CCAT Single Port 100GbE card on two VMs with passthrough configured, and the two NICs are connected via a cable back-to-back. When I use only one VM to send traffic to another, the throughput on the receiver side achieves approximately 100Gbps throughput. However, when I send traffic from both VMs, the received throughput decreases on both sides. And it seems to add up the two received throughputs is the final 100Gbps. Does 100Gbps mean that the uplink throughput plus the downlink throughput equals 100Gbps? If so, why called full-duplex?

It should be full-duplex.
something in the configuration is probably not optimal

Hi @dwaxman,

Thank you so much for your fast reply. Could you please recommend me some of the perf tools that can help me profile and identify the potential bottlenecks?