What is total USB bandwith of the 4 USB ports?

Does anyone know what the total USB bandwidth is for the Jetson Orin Nano?

It has 4 USB 3.2 connectors. But on the kit they all connect to one USB 3.1 hub which is connected to the USB of the module that is labeled as USB 2.0.

So what is the max total bandwidth for these 4 USB ports?

On developer kit, the 4 type-A ports are from an embedded USB hub connecting to USB3.2 roothub, so ideally the total bandwidth is 10Gbps.

Please note if you connect either port to USB2.0 device, it can achieve only 480Mbps. Here is a relevant topic:
connected more than two usb cameras problem on deepstream-app (Jetson Nano Dev Kit) - #12 by DaneLLL

Do you mean that when connecting only one USB 2.0 device, all ports limit to 480Mb/s? Or even worse the total bandwidth is limitted to 480Mb/s? Or only for the port that is connected to USB 2.0?

And what about the fact that this hub is connected to an USB port on the Jetson module that is labelled as USB 2.0?

Yes, if roothub is in USB 2.0, the total bandwidth is 480Mbps.

For design of carrier board, please check

J6 and J7 are physically connected to USB3 pins 161,163,166,168

In that document there is a picture:

Does this mean the 4 USB ports will have a total bandwidth of only 480Mb/s?

USBSS0 is the USB3 roothub.

Ahh, that is a relief!

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