Where download the YoloV4 pretrained model (CSPDarkNet18 or 53)?


According to this document, doc
‘TAO’ supports the download pretrained model of CSPDarkNet18 or 53, but I can’t find it in NGC Cloud.

I saw only DarkNet18 , DarkNet53.

How can I find it on Cloud?

See YOLOv4 — TAO Toolkit 3.0 documentation

The backbone for feature extraction. Currently, “resnet”, “vgg”, “darknet”, “googlenet”, “mobilenet_v1”, “mobilenet_v2”, “cspdarknet”, and “squeezenet” are supported.

Please set arch to “cspdarknet”, and set nlayers to 19 or 53.

Pretrained model can be downloaded from NVIDIA NGC

NGC does not see CSPDarkNet, Only DARKNET53 & DARKNET19.

I understand that the arch option is a model definition necessary for learning.
And I understand that I need to download the pre-trained model local directory before running TAO, Did I get it wrong?

I will sync with internal team and check further.

got it thank you Morganh

The pretrained model are available now.