Where is `Apply to Client` node in blueprint?

UnrealEngine v5.3.2
Audio2Face v2023.2.0

I am following the document here.

Apply Live Link Preset to MetaHuman Blueprint

The Live Link Preset can then be applied to a client in the BeginPlay event of the MetaHuman Blueprint. Create a Live Link Preset variable in the Blueprint and pass that to the Apply to Client node

But I don’t know how to add Apply to Client node. I am a C++ programmer and unfamilar with blueprint at all.
May someone provide some hint? Thanks in advance

@gammatrix5 i am just another user, but my understanding is that part of the doc pertains to when you wish to use the Live Link plugin in a packaged experience. i presume that’s your use case or do you just need to use it in editor? if the former, it looks like you’ll need to follow the prior section of the doc where a live link preset asset is created so you can create a variable for it in BP:

Audio2Face to UE Live Link Plugin — Omniverse Audio2Face latest documentation (nvidia.com)

i personally haven’t done this next step myself. but i presume once you have done that, you’d drag the live link preset asset from the variable section into the BP graph (it’s likely a get and not set function). and instead of creating the connection directly from Event Begin Play to create the Apply to Client node, it’s likely off of the preset node. and you hook it up to Event Begin Play afterwards.

but i’ll let the devs/mods chime in and provide you with more accurate info.

Thanks @Simplychenable. It works well in Editor model, I am trying to make it work in Runtime model so that it connects to A2F in shipped game.

The preset is created according to the doc,

Then open BP of the metahuman charactor.

I don’t see live link preset asset in the left variables panel.

The doc is for v2023.1.1

I cannot find Apply to Client node

looks like you may need to create the variable yourself(?). if you were to click on the + next to variables header, you will be able to create one; then, switch the type to live link preset in the right side panel in the dropdown; see if you can find the same icon as denoted in the screenshot shown in the doc (antenna/broadcast). also, just wanted to confirm whether you have streaming checked inside of A2F?

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Thanks , it works now! strange that I have to create variable first before I can find the node. Isn’t a node mapped to a C++ method? if the method already exists, why the variable should be created first so that I can find the Apply to Client node?

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glad you got it working 👍 regarding your question behind the reasoning, that’ll be a good question for the devs/mods to clarify because this process is something i haven’t tried myself (package for runtime).

it probably has more to do with how BP in UE works. what i mean by that is the functions tend to be context sensitive to the node used. so, i presume if you were to untick context sensitive option in your first screenshot next to your search for apply, it may show up in the list but won’t have any nodes compatible to use it with until you have created a variable suitable to map to (in this case, the live link preset). alternatively, i suspect the following steps would yield the same result:

  1. drag a connection from even begin play output
  2. turn off context sensitive during your search for apply to client function
  3. hook up the apply to client function (should be automatic)
  4. right click on the target input the apply to client node needs
  5. choose to promote to variable, this will automatically append a variable to this BP
  6. name your variable in the left panel
  7. compile and check if everything works

in short, it may all end up the same and just a matter of order of sequence. creating the variable first would allow you to safely pull the output with appropriate/context sensitive functions; whereas if you did it the way mentioned above, one would be expected to know what function you need to search for prior to creating the variable.

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