Where to find open source codes, SDKs, or APIs?

Hi, Hope you are we well. I need Open Source Codes, SDKs, or APIs that I can use to help me build my project. I need software or codes that can add/remove/modify images, videos, and music manually or automatically (AI algorithm). I am looking for open source codes, SDKs, or API’s that can add/remove/modify an object into an image, video, or sound. I want my users to be able to upload an image or video into my website and have a code add/remove/modify an object into this image or video manually or automatically (AI assisted).

Would you be able to help? Please message me back when you can.

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Our developer portal offers information on all our SDKs. https://developer.nvidia.com/

Here are some other helpful links.
Downloads: Developer Downloads | NVIDIA Developer
Training: Deep Learning Institute and Training Solutions | NVIDIA
Docs: https://docs.nvidia.com/
Blogs: NVIDIA Technical Blog | News and tutorials for developers, data scientists, and IT admins

You may find some some of these pages of interest:

I have also seen blogs and videos of people using NVIDIA Broadcast App and RTX Voice to some of the audio process you mention - but I have not looked too deeply into this:

Even though most of these are not open source, they can be used , generally without any fees, but please check the docus and licenses to ensure they meet what ever requirements you may have.
Good Luck !

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Hi nadeemm,

Thank you so much for all this information. Are you on LinkedIn? Is it ok to add you to my LinkedIn network? Please email me back.

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