Where to get the archived TX1 hardware design files

I have one TX1 developer kit carrier board in hand, however, it seems from the download center, the hardware design files latest are Jetson TX1-TX2 Developer Kit Carrier Board Design Files B04. I checked the layout and schematic file, they are not mapping my board. From the board, I see 180-82597-DAAF-B02, could someone tell where to get the design files for this board? THX!

Hi ruih,
We will check internal team for B02 design file release. Will get back later. Thanks!

Hi Ruih,
The last page of the B04 schematics has a change history and list the differences between B02 and B04.
Could you check if this enough for you?
242-82597-1000-B02.pdf (92.9 KB)
602-82597-0000-B02.Schematics.pdf (704 KB)

Hi AlexHou,
Thanks for your information.
I will double check the history, however it would be nice to have the sch. We have some issue about the design of power design.


Hi ruih,
I attached B02 schmatic and assembly drawing in #3. Please let me know if you have more question.

Hi AlexHou,

Thanks so much, it helps a lot!

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