Which cuda 4.0 dll belongs to "Cuda Driver API"

I tried to load:


cuInit is not in them.

I need to know what Cuda 4.0 DLL is for “Cuda Driver API”.

How come such basic information is missing ?!?

How do you expect me to start programming against an “API” is such basic information is missing ?!?

Me starts to wonder if I have to switch to OpenCL maybe that’s better documented, but I’d rather not switch to OpenCL.

But I am not getting anywhere with cuda at the moment… I might not have any other option.

Get your basics sorted out first, before adding complex stuff to your DLL’s because if I can’t get the basics working the rest is in vain.

I am now going to switch to OpenCL because my time is being wasted, so your window of oppertunity for cuda developer support from me is closing.

Another developer lost to OpenCL.

I might reconsider in a few hours/days but do not expect me to start supporting/developing for both, it’s either this or that and not both.


Perhaps the problem is with GetProcAddress it fails:

	cuInit := GetProcAddress( mCudaDriverLibraryHandle, 'cuInit' );


DLL being used is:


Ok, I figured it out it’s in ‘nvcuda.dll’.

This was partially mentioned in cuda programming guide section 3.3