Why didn't use A72 ?

A57 produces more heat and has lower performance. Why not use A72? Will the new product use a72 in the future?

Hi zoomid, Jetson Nano uses the TX1 SoC which has the ARM A57 CPU cores and CUDA GPU. Please see the other Jetsons available like Jetson TX2 and Xavier which have hex-core and octal-core CPUs available.

The Nano is really half a TX1, which is a … five? … years old design.

NVIDIA has, in general, decided to not use the Arm A series cores, instead choosing to build their own high-performance ARM core, based loosely around runtime software re-translation (similar to what Transmeta did for x86.)

The TX2 has a dual-core Denver NVIDIA ARM CPU and a quad-core A57 ARM CPU bolted together through a coherent memory fabric (which is actually fairly impressive, IMO :-)

The Xavier has an octa-core Carmel NVIDIA ARM CPU (or maybe it could be called four dual-core CPUs? Look at the architecture on WikiChips or whatever, it’s interesting!)

If you want to compare to the A72, you should absolutely be looking at the Xavier.
Also, if NVIDIA can use their wedge for GPUs in the data center to actually build competitive ARM systems for the data center, that would be HUGE! I’m actually hoping that they’ll be able to pull that off, even though they haven’t really made any public announcements in that direction. It’s a long game …