Why is only the first frame I frame with H265 encoding?

  1. use 01_video_encode tools

I-frame detection indicates that only the first frame is I-frame

detect code:

if((0x0==data[0] && 0x0==data[1] && 0x1==data[2] ))
    int type = (data[3] & 0x7e) >> 1;
    if (type == 32){
        I_frage = 1; // I frame

By default the IDR interval is 256 frames. Please set to a smaller interval and give it a try.

Set IDR interval is 1 frame, still only the first frame is I-frame

It still causes my back-end ffmpeg decoding to fail

Set IDR interval is 20 frame,
still only the first frame is I-frame

Sometimes the decoding side can not get the first frame, so it will cause ffmpeg decoding error

Please refer to this and check if there is any deviation:
Xavier AGX : Video encoding crash - #15 by DaneLLL

Maybe –insert-spspps-idr is not set in your test.

thanks , Got it

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