Will the forum update all previous links to Mellanox community to new links

For example I was not aware that Mellanox community was going away and when I click to this link

it took me to Nvidia forum. Its a little hard to find the articles at Nvidia forum but then I found this one

but this one has a link to Mellanox community so still can not find answer.
Will the forums will update them or make the Mellanox community articles easier to find at the forums?


Hi @clsoto ,

Sorry that you were not aware of the move. There was an announcement posted on the old Mellanox forums with information about the migration.

I have the team looking into the issue of the article redirects. I will post here when I have more information.

Also note that Mellanox KB articles now live here: https://support.mellanox.com/s/

Tom K

the Mellanox articles at https://support.mellanox.com/s/ will not go away in the future?

Not that I am aware. I will get confirmation from the team.


Hi @clsoto,

All Mellanox articles will live at https://support.mellanox.com/s/.

Best regards,

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