Windows WGL_NV_DX_interop NV12 texture larger then 2048(width) issue

we are using app. that uses dxva2 decoding to NV12 texture and share it to opengl context as texture.
This works fine with video sizes < 2048, if texture is larger it gets garbled like it uses only 2048 as width.
We checked same code with AMD drivers in windows and had no issue.

Thank you.

Hello @domen.stangar and welcome to the NVIDIA developer forums.

Would you mind sharing a code snippet on how you set up both the decoding process and the NV12 texture and sharing it with OGL? There might be some alignment or padding constraints for textures with width bigger than 2048.

The more detail you can share, the better will our experts be able to check what might be missing.


Its same as this one…
example for sharing

Like i said… things work if texture is < 2048…
Our options are quite limited, since this sharing of textures is happening inside driver.