Workflow to create a digital twin

Hi everyone,

I’m starting the development of a digital twin for a line under development and I would like to follow a workflow to understand all the areas I need to work on and list the necessary elements to make this project work. The question is, is there documentation that explains this flow? My vision of excellence is the published design of the BMW factory, so I would like to follow a similar flow to the one shown to us.

The project is a production line with 2 robots working together (apart from all the sensor and movement systems), which is why I’m using IsaacSIm.

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What specific aspects are you looking for ? The actual content creation will be done in an external DCC application like 3dsmax, Maya, Inventor, Revit etc. You can bring in whole scenes together or a part at a time. The BWM factory is an example of a very large project combined together in USD Composer from several smaller USD files. The factory itself, the robots, the materials, the lights. 90% of that is just normal scene building. The last 10% is having great materials, lighting, and some camera and animation work. That can all be done in Composer as well.

It is hard to give you a complete factory building workflow. The best thing I can offer is to open some of our examples and understand how the scene goes together bit by bit. The hard part is building the scene. The easy and fun part is viewing it and flying around in Composer.

Let me know if I can answer more specific workflow questions. There are plenty of great lessons on our youtube channel.

Omniverse Ambassador Chris Scott is launching soon a product based on easy creation of digital twins in Omniverse…

I think that is something for you.

Pekka Varis