X crashed when playing Youtube in Opera browser @ Archlinux

When playing youtube videos fulls screen with Opera browser on Archlinux, once in 20-30 times nvidia driver crashes with error message: GPU has fallen off the bus.

Log file attached.
nvidia-bug-report.log.gz (68.7 KB)

When you created the nvidia-bug-report, I presume you were only running the desktop? Yet, the gpu was at 57°C. You should start by cleaning the fan and heatspreder.


Ive cleaned the fan, and realized that annoying vibrating noise that I was subjected to for last 6 months is coming from Nvidia card.

After the cleanup, the noise is still there, and the NV card issue is still there.

Is time to get a new one?

Hard to tell. If this is limited to YT, it might also be a driver problem. Run some Unigine demo to stress the gpu and use nvidia-smi to monitor temperatures in the background.