You have exhausted the lab time provided with your course enrollment

Hi, I took the “ Scaling Workloads Across Multiple GPUs with CUDA C++” course.
I see the following message while trying to access the lab environment.

“You have exhausted the lab time provided with your course enrolment”, I did not expect to have the problem described above.

Would it be possible to add some extra time to finish the course?

Thanks in advance.


I have forwarded your request to the DLI team for review. Someone should be reaching out to you shortly.


Hello @Mr_M,

I’ve provided you with some additional lab time for this course so that you can continue to work on the material.

I am a member and we here don’t have the capability to extend or modify course enrollment or provide additional lab time. We should reach out to the course provider or the platform’s support team directly. They will be able to assist you and provide guidance on how to resolve the issue and potentially extend your access to the lab environment.