128 bit integer on cuda?

Hello everyone,
I just managed to install my cuda SDK under Linux Ubuntu 10.04. My graphic card is an NVIDIA geForce GT 425M, and I’d like to use it for some heavy computational problem.
What I wonder is: is there any way to use some unsigned 128 bit int var? When using gcc to run my program on the CPU, I was using the __uint128_t type, but using it with cuda doesn’t seem to work.
Is there anything I can do to have 128 bit integers on cuda?

Thank you very much
Matteo Monti
Msoft Programming

Unless someone has already created such a header file, I think you would need to implement this type yourself. You could, for example, typedef the ulonglong2 type to a uint128, but then you would also need to implement all of the numerical operators you would like to use. CUDA supports operator overloading, so this is quite doable, and now with the inline PTX support in CUDA 4.0, you should be able to implement things like addition efficiently.