340.32 error: Failed to properly raster sync after 20 attempts. Giving up.

At random times I get hit by this error causing one of my two screens to get very “blocky” graphics, and unreadable fonts.

Sometimes this error comes as kdm start up, and sometimes it comes after kdm has initiated the login. The enlightenment window manager seems to trigger this error more often than any other vm.

I’m running Arch Linux with a GeForce 8500 GT and two monitors.

Never had similar problem with any older versions of the driver.

Edit: Just adding that installing the noveau driver instead, also fixes the problem. So this is certainly something that was introduced in version 340.xx
nvidia-bug-report.log.gz (53.3 KB)

Can you check what exact action triggering this issue? What was earlier driver worked for you? Is this issue occur with single display/xscreen ?