NV8600GT don't work in Linux?


I’m sorry, I’m new here, then I believe, that my problem goes to the right forum.

I have bought graphics card with nVidia 8600GT chipset. I have tested it in three mainboard: with AMD690G, AMD790FX and now in nVidia 570 chipset. I’m using Ubuntu Edgy, where is version of nvidia-glx driver 1:1.0.9639+ (nVidia driver is 9639 and kernel is

When I do ‘modprobe nvidia’ and then restart XWindow, I’ve got in the dmesg this messages:

In the /var/log/Xorg.0.log I have this:

I’ve read section in README and I’ve found, that VGA card have unique IRQ (no other device have the same as VGA card), but after I do ‘modprobe nvidia’, I haven’t found VGA interrupt in the /proc/interrupts.

Please, can you decode for me this cryptic message? Can you give me any advice?

Thanks a lot.


Jan Marek

You could try installing the latest video drivers using envy.
That could possibly help.