[35.4.1] system hang after wake from sc7 on Xavier NX devkit

It is really easy to reproduce the issue. About 90%, I think.

最後一個問題. 你的90%複製是指用wake on Lan喚醒還是純粹用 usb keyboard喚醒?

wake on lan喚醒比較容易複製出來。thanks.

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We tried to reproduce this issue.
Test SC7 wake by keyboard 20 times and no issue.
Also test again with WOL 10 times and no issue either.

We are doing this in consecutive way. So there is no reboot between each SC7. There is no hang within this 30 times SC7 test.

It looks like your board seems easily hit some ethernet problem but those are not happened on our side.

As the suggestion here

Please RMA the problematic device.

If you don’t think it is hardware problem, then please cross check with different modules or carrier boards.

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