384.90 (Linux-x86_64) on Ubuntu 16.04 - freezed screen after some time, maybe after ran browser

Generated through nvidia-bug-report.sh log yesterday:


And today:


That’s not looking good. Right on start you get
XID 79 Gpu fallen off the bus
RmInit adapter failed
I don’t know when you ran the nvidia-bug-report.sh, after reboot? Then this could simply mean that the nvidia gpu is overheating and still to hot to start after reboot. Could be clogged heat spreader or a failing fan then.

Thanks for your reply. I do not think that this is the case, although it may somehow affect it.
The fact is that the symptoms in which the screen freezes say that the problem is most likely in the configuration. When I boot the system, before disconnecting a mouse, it passes without problems. Problems arise when I reconnect mouse, and e.g. try to scroll page in browser.

At first the problem appeared when I connected two monitors, a mouse and wireless keyboard instead of a wired one. After it returned back to the previous devices, the problem remained. Now you can load Ubuntu by first disconnecting the mouse. And then there is a possibility that after its connection the screen will not freezed.

Sounds more like a failing PSU or the like.