3D octomap generation

Good morning,
I am looking for tips.

I have a robot that moves in the 3D world within a 3D environment (you can think of something like a drone).
Therefore, the classic move_base package and 2D navigation are not suitable for my use case.

I want the robot to navigate the 3D world and avoid obstacles.

To that end, it would be ideal for me not to run mapping beforehand. Thus, I was looking if a simple way to generate a 3D map of the environment to be used as navigation map exists in omniverse. I do not care about mapping, just going from A to B in the 3D world.

If exporting an octomap/3D occupancy is not possible, what would you suggest?

I know about MoveIt, but that requires a planning scene. Eventually, is it possible to load the environment as planning scene in the moveit interface? In that way I can place the end location and execute the goal.

Currently you can generate a 2d map from a 3d slice. We can look into adding full 3d occupancy export for a future release.

One thing to do with the current API would be to compute multiple 2d slices to form your own 3d map.

Ok, as a general note for anyone having this problem you can import the usd into blender, export in x3d format, and use the x3d to binvox + binvox2bt tools to get it as an octomap.

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