3D time of flight camera for NVIDIA Jetson AGX Orin and AGX Xavier

As the world moves more and more towards automation, the adoption of autonomous vision-enabled systems like robots is also on the rise. To navigate autonomously, these modern systems need what are called depth cameras. Recognizing this rising need for depth sensing cameras in the market, e-con Systems launched its first time of flight camera called DepthVista in April 2022.

With the overwhelming success of the product, e-con is making the next stride in the space by launching its MIPI variant โ€“ DepthVista_MIPI_IRD. This new addition to the time of flight series can be readily integrated with NVIDIA Jetson AGX Orin and Jetson AGX Xavier.

This article delves deep into the key features of DepthVista_MIPI_IRD, its target applications, and how it can help enhance the performance of your depth-based embedded vision system.

DepthVista_MIPI_IRD โ€“ key features and specifications

DepthVista_MIPI_IRD is a MIPI-based 3D time of flight camera that delivers both depth and IR images at a resolution of VGA@30fps. For a depth camera, this is considered high resolution and high frame rate โ€“ and meets the requirements of most of the depth-based embedded vision systems.

Unlike its predecessor DepthVista (which is based on the USB interface), this ToF camera supports the MIPI and GMSL interfaces โ€“ thereby making it easily possible to integrate the camera module with processing platforms. DepthVista_MIPI_IRD also differentiates itself by having the ability to operate in both 850nm and 940nm (940nm by default and 850nm as a variant). This enables the camera to deliver highly accurate depth images not just in indoor or controlled lighting conditions, but in outdoor settings as well.

In addition, this camera also comes with an onboard depth processor and hence takes away the burden of computational load from the host processor. This makes more bandwidth available for other processing activities.

The below video gives a quick overview of the features and other highlights of DepthVista_MIPI_IRD:

To make sure the camera is suitable for modern embedded vision applications that require the processing of high bandwidth image and video data, it has been designed for ready integration with two of the most advanced embedded processors available in the market today โ€“ NVIDIA Jetson AGX Orin and AGX Xavier. Read More ยป

Great! Thanks for creating this awesome camera product for Jetson platform!

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