A drm display problem on xavier nx platform

Hi NV,
I am trying to display a coninues video with Nvidia DRM on xavier nx platform. A strange issue is that the main render window(maybe called base plane) displaying was stucked in a random period, meanwhile, other plane still work normally.
I have test this issue on official demo “08_video_dec_drm” in jetson_multimedia_api package on jetpack 4.6.1 BSP. And modified with below:


And a record video with phone.

Video is stucked, and color block is moving normally.

Besides, my program is another one, but got same issue.

The latest release is Jetpack 4.6.4. It would be great if you can upgrade and give it a try.
Or may try Jetpack 5.1.2.

And can try this logic to read the h264 stream continually:

    if(buffer->planes[0].bytesused == 0)
        stream->read((char *) buffer->planes[0].data, bytes_to_read);
        buffer->planes[0].bytesused = stream->gcount();
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