A good site for OpenCL

Although the opencl compiler/SDK are still unavailable, I already found a good site to study it, and to be waiting at…


Thank for your link, I read it. :)

Cuda of NVIDIA, Stream of AMD, Larrabee of Intel and OpenCL.

But at this time I am only using CUDA.

I don’t have any reason to use another program. (at this time) :)

NOTE: NVIDIA has opened up OpenCL forums under “CUDA GPU Computing” forum. Check out…

http://forums.nvidia.com/index.php?showforum=62 - Check at the end of the list in this page.

It also has a list of guides in it. Should be useful.

Thank, Sarnath :)

I visited, that page looks deserted.

It’s two days old!

But check out the welcome post, some good info in there, especially the new OpenCL jumpstart guide.