How to start an OpenCL project? sorry if this sounds so noobish-like

Hi, wanted to introduce myself to OpenCL and i tried to compile a little example.
I downloaded some example code from here:
i tried to compile it but… wow i need opencl sdk obiously :D So i started searching for this SDK. All the link around the web point to this: but there is no download link here. The only thing that give me some hint is “The latest OpenCL 1.0 production drivers for NVIDIA GPUs are installed with our standard, publicly available production drivers”, but i have latest driver, i can run successfully the compiled openCL examples, but still can’t compile it.
Using the example (in visual studio, really too simple to make mistakes) compiler says:
1>LINK : fatal error LNK1104: cannot open file 'oclUtils32D.lib
and i don’t have that oclUtiles32D.lib file in my computer, so i think it must be a part of this “impossible to retrieve” sdk.
Where i can find this sdk? In the nvidia download page it says i can have the OpenCL 1.1 Driver and code sample if i’m a registered developer, but for being a registered developer i must develope some products before (like the registration module says), so i’m a bit stuck.

Thank you for dealing with this noob and sorry for wasting your time! :P

You need the CUDA Toolkit:

yup i downloaded and installed that, but in my “C:\Program Files\NVIDIA GPU Computing Toolkit” directory i have only the “CUDA” dir, not the “OpenCL” that i think i must have :(

in this Cuda dir i don’t have the oclUtils32D.lib file i need :(

thank you for your reply!

edit: ok solved! i just downloaded ALL the examples in both x86 and x64 and put them in the C:\Program Files\NVIDIA GPU Computing Toolkit\ folder, now i have all the *.lib files i need :D

Thank you!