OpenCL on x64 Windows - is it possible at all? no OpenCL.dll found ....

installed x64 190.38 driver, x64 toolkit, x64 V2.3 SDK: no traces of OpenCL at all.
Installed x86 toolkit & x86 V2.3 SDK - there are openCL samples but they don’t run - no OpenCL.DLL found.

So what driver if any will allow o run OpenCL-related binaries on x64 Windows?

Try the newest drivers from (afaik 196.21)and SDK 3.0 Beta (naturally everything for x64)

Thanks. It was my error, I downloaded 190.38 that for CUDA 2.3 instead of 190.89 that for OpenCL 1.0.

But navigating through website to get correct OpenCL SDK set/runtime is very intricate. CUDA page contains correct SDK (at least for x86) but incrorrect driver (for OpenCL) while OpenCL page contains drivers but doesn’t contain any SDKs.

Maybe it’s worth to make full-featured separate OpenCL page with links to correct drivers, tools and samples than re-targed users to CUDA page… I know, NV likes CUDA, OpenCL implementation based on CUDA, but for OpenCL-related peoples CUDA is something “unneeded” actually IMO. It’s just details for implementation…