OpenCL with latest 196.21 driver


In the past I have installed the NV driver (for desktop) and the GPU Computing SDK from:…ad.html#Windows to run OpenCL. It worked OK.

Now, I have just installed the cfor my desktop (win7, 64 bits,…6.21_whql.html), hoping it works with the latest ICD from Khronus. However, the samples and code in src (under gpu computing sdk) are not running with this new driver. What exact packages I need to install/update in order to run OpenCL successfully with the latest 196 driver ?

Thanks, --Yariv

SDK 2.3 is not compatible with 195.xx and newer drivers. You need 3.0 Beta SDK.
The OpenCL implementation in 190.xx drivers was not completely up to specs and the examples were compiled against that not-quite-correct library.