Driver confusion for customers

Hi, I’m interesting in developing OpenCL code for audio software development, which are released on PC and Mac.
I have the latest drivers for my GTX260, which ‘GPU caps viewer’ says is OpeCL 1.0 compatible on WinXP.
But the demos say I have no OpenCL compatibility, and the SDK browser demos crash - not an error box as in proper programming, but an actual crash!
I then discovered that having the latest drivers 197.13 wasn’t enough and I had to have 190.68 installed instead.
Added to the fact that CPU versions don’t work yet, how am I ever going to get my customers to go through all that and more just to get things working? It’s crazy.

Are you using the 3.0 SDK and 197.13 at the same time? Certain OCL entry points have changed, so what worked early on does not work now. You definitely do not have to use 190.68 to get OCL to work.

Thanks for the reply, I just download the “NVIDIA GPU Computing SDK Browser” and expected the demos to work, is that not correct? It’s ‘Version 2.30.1006.1500’

I’m going on the angle of minimum hassle for users to get the run-time going with the demos, rather than installing and compiling at the moment.

Use the 3.0 SDK instead with 197.xx:…ds.html#Windows

you want the “GPU Computing SDK code samples” package.