OpenCL on linux Wich driver can I use?

I have a question about drivers supporting OpenCL on linux.

Currently I use 185.18.08 but it is a beta release. Is there a final release supporting OpenCL? Maybe 190.42, but I don’t find any information about openCL in this release.

I’m sorry for my bad english.

Thanks a lot.


You’ll find link to the corresponding (190.29 for Linux) drivers on the OpenCL download page.

Thanks, but does this mean that the 190.42 and older (190.40, 190.36, 190.32) don’t work with openCL?

I think that they do not, but it should not be hard for you to just try, and see for yourself. On the other side, on my Linux machine I’m using 3.0-beta tools, along with 195.17 drivers, for some time already, and my codes work fine with these…

In download section I can find 190.29, where to find 195.17 drivers?

In the NVIDIA registered developer section.